Thursday, 29 May 2014

Week 29

As I write this post, my husband Paul is outside in the driveway cleaning my car. I took a look out my bedroom window and saw him vacuuming the car floors. I wonder what it's like down there? I mean, I haven't been that close to the ground in months. It's a workout alone trying to bend over to shave my legs (and that is something I will never scrimp on. Smooth legs are a must for me), not to mention getting low to the ground to clean something. So for the next 10 weeks as I grow larger, I'd like to give a shout out to Paul thanking him for picking up the things that I have been dropping and will probably continue to keep dropping (accidentally of course) and to cleaning everything that's lower to the ground. I'll find out after 10 weeks if you actually did or not. Until then I'll stay up here :)

To kick off my 29th week, I brought Kelsey to my prenatal class as Paul couldn't make it due to work. This week's subject was "What you will experience during LABOUR". Dun dun dun! My instructor showed us a video of 2 couples and their journey while the mom was starting to go into active labour then into delivery, and what the partners role is during the process. I love these videos because they give me a good laugh at how broad these scenarios can be. One lady was calm and cool the entire process. During all her birthing positions that she had moved into, she decided that she wanted to deliver while she was on all 4's. Yes you read that right. She pushed that baby out while on her hands and knees on the bed. The baby came out and they passed the baby to her threw her legs while she was still in that position. I nearly died. She looked like a champion pusher just gettin' it done. No meds, no fuss, just warrior woman pushing out her child. No chance that will happen to me. 

My instructor asked the mommies in the class to go up to the board and grab a piece of paper to write down one or two of the points on the board that they would like to see happen at their delivery. They were;
-all natural
-maybe some drugs
-a bit of narcotics
-Epidural for sure
-anesthesia meet me at the door
I haven't had the opportunity to experience much physical pain in my life yet. I've had a sprained ankle and my wisdom teeth taken out but nothing that caused a shit load of pain. I actually never get the chance to even feel pain because my body shuts down. That's right, I'm a fainter. If I feel something that's going to make me feel uncomfortable like blood work or a tattoo, my body says "that's enough. Nighty night" and I'm out. So having said that, I'm not sure what's going to happen to me when I start going through the really difficult contractions. Will I even be awake for it? 

When I went up to the board, I wrote down "anesthesia meet me at the door". Don't knock me out completely, but just make sure that when I walk through that hospital door and I get settled in, that they administer drugs to me ASAP. Judge  me if  you want, but I have visions of me passing out, Paul dragging me through the hospital doors, and the hospital staff slapping me trying to get me to hold it together. LOL Ok I know they won't slap me, but if it comes to that, then do what you gotta do. 
**Side note: I had a dream a couple months ago that I woke up AFTER giving birth as I was passed out through the delivery. If only it was that easy eh?**

On Tuesday I got the 2nd best news of the summer. I will be getting my braces OFF July 31st!! After wearing my crazy set of 2-3 elastics at a time, getting a taste of freedom during my wedding by having them off for 2 weeks, then lots and lots of tightening, my orthodontist has promised me that as long as everything goes to plan and I continue wearing my elastics that I will get this grill off right in time for my baby to arrive. In the words of my dad "now your nugget won't be frightened" Yes dad. Let's hope it all works out in time.

Here are my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 29 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: I'm not sure. I have avoided standing on the scale on my free time. I'll leave it up to the experts to bum me out with the news. I'll say 28 pounds still.... ok ok maybe 30!
Maternity Clothes: I've started going through my summer clothes and realized that I have a few shirts and bottoms that I used to bum around in last year that fit (snug!) this year. Hey... if it's going to get me by the next couple months I'm going to ride out this no summer maternity clothes pony.
Sleep: It's getting tougher to stay asleep. I've actually consciously stopped drinking a lot of fluids at night to try and curb my trips to the bathroom. So far it's not doing a damn thing.
Best moment of the week: As my nugget is getting bigger, these kicks are becoming more like slow movements. I'm feeling him shift around and snuzzle his body to get into comfier positions. I actually see his little body make new shapes with my belly. Oh little man you're making this momma so crazy with excitement!
Anything you miss: This is a new category that I thought I'd add now. As the weeks to the end are approaching and I've been pregnant for over 7 months, I'm starting to miss moments of my single body life. Today I had to prepare for my workout at the gym. I always planned out my workouts before going but now I have to figure out what routines I can do that my body will allow me to do. No more jumping, bending and touching the ground. Today I actually missed doing HIIT workouts. That and beer. 
Food Cravings: ice cream 
Wedding ring on/off: on
Belly button in/out: slightly out
Symptoms: Hello heartburn! I only got heartburn at the end of my night shifts. Gah
Moods: tired. Is that a mood? If not I'll say cranky because I'm tired.
Sweet Gestures: During my night shifts this week, my friend Chris brought in 2 different flavours of popcorn for us to snack on. Mmmmm I love popcorn and she remembered that I was craving it last week! Thanks girl!

Here's an example of my little baby's body getting all comfy on the right side. 
Craziest thing I've seen my stomach do yet!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Week 28

This week I invited all the girls and their hubby`s over for a goodbye BBQ for Tarah, Paolo and Illiana before they were to leave to head back to LA. I can`t believe that our newest little girlfriend will be leaving us as practically a newborn and returning as a 5 month old baby!
Since the Victoria Day weekend has always provided us with craptacular weather, Monday proved to be no different. The BBQ was rained out and we spent most of the evening in the house. Rain couldn`t wash our moods away, as we were also given some amazing news at this BBQ!! But that`s where I can`t give any more away..... Sorry! Soon I will!

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, I loved thinking about what Halloween costumes me and the family could dress up as for our first Halloween together. I`ve been following a lot of makeup artists on Instagram and I came across some Disney inspired makeups. I started to get inspired and thought about some colourful playful costumes that would suit my growing family. At the beginning of the year I heard that Mirvish was putting on The Lion King play and it was making it's way back to Toronto. Ah ha! That's when it hit me! What if we were to go as characters from the Lion King? Well I've been on a bit of a Lion King kick ever since I came up with that idea, and what a better way to commemorate the decision by seeing the play at the Princess of Whales Theatre! My wonderful husband was able to get us tickets to a performance this past Wednesday night. (he only had to be reminded twice to get the tickets. LOL) It was so good! I was so inspired once we left that I kept saying to Paul that I can't wait until my nugget gets here, because that also means it`ll be closer to Halloween to plan out our costumes!

I am also a certified Pinterest junkie. I love to pin images and save them for later, in hopes that I`ll get around to making or doing the image I`ve saved. I`m a woman of my handmade word! I applied Pinterest to my bridal shower, the baby`s gender reveal, the pregnancy bump photo progress, refinishing my bedroom furniture, Halloween and lots and lots of crafts. Over the past few years, I've made blankets for other expectant moms and their new babes. When I didn't know any babies who were about to be born, I crocheted newborn baby hats and donated over 50 hats to St Joes hospital. So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to now be making my own baby some handmade crochet love:). I have been searching for cute crocheting patterns on Pinterest and came across this cute pattern on the site that I thought would be adorable as my little one`s first blanket made by his mama. The pattern for the blanket can be found here

Here's a photo of the original blanket and how mine turned out. 

But now that I`ve completed so many crochet projects for him, I've started to look around at what else this mama can get her hands on! So I decided it's time to get started on the other things that I`ve pinned! Not to mention there are going to be A LOT of babies being born in the next little while so I've been pinning baby stuff like crazy! My next project that I wanted to make was Baby Koz`s growth ruler. I`ve seen a few of my friends make them and figured why not give it a try! It was super simple! The tutorial for this project can be found here.

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest to see if my pins interest you, (pardon the pun!) add me by clicking here 

Here is my stats for the week..... (Side note: my girlfriends told me how big I was looking in my progress pictures and how I didn't look that big in real life. Hahaha, maybe it was the way I was standing? So here I am standing straighter! Did it help?) 

How far along are you: 28 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: now here's where I'm getting confused. I get weighed by a digital scale at the maternity centre where I was weighing at 168. This week at my family doctor I was weighed on a manual scale and I was 166. Digital scales suck. I have one at home and as much as I'd like to believe it's accurate, I know those manual ones are better. So I'm up 28 pounds this week. Lol 28 pounds in 28 weeks! 
Maternity clothes: I managed to score a cute maxi dress this week from one of those cheapy urban planet stores. I must have done well because I've gotten a bunch of compliments from the gals I work with today! Hey, I'm pregnant so any compliment helps me get through my days. Hahaha
Sleep: same as last week. Broken sleep and bathroom breaks galore. 
Best moment of the week: while I was holding baby Illiana at the BBQ and rocking her to sleep, my own baby was kicking. 2 babies in my (sort of) lap was just mind blowing. It made my heart flutter. Knowing Illiana's mom Tarah for years and now seeing our babies, is something I cannot even put into words. I love these kids more than anything. So you can understand how much my heart melted to have these 2 babies so close together, and they didn't even know it! 
Food cravings: popcorn!!
Wedding rings on/off: on
Belly Button in/out: almost non existent! 
Symptoms: this week marks the first time I've noticed getting those weirdo Braxton Hicks contractions. They are so strange. As long as they don't cause me too much pain, I'll be ok with them. 
Moods: meh
Sweet Gestures: my gal pal Tarah has been so sweet throughout my pregnancy. She's given me loads of information and suggestions to do for pregnancy and after delivery. It was to my surprise when she gave me loads of little boy stuff to help with my little guy! I'm one lucky girl to have such amazing friends. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Week 27

I spent the beginning week laying low and trying to recoup from the sore throat/cold that I caught from the week before. I found myself with my feet up a lot, using the neti pot often and crocheting a ton. Rest really is the best medicine!

Once I got that out of my system, I needed to start getting back to being active again. Last year (when I was in the best shape of my life) I loved doing the escarpment stairs in Hamilton. This past weekend happened to be the Climb to Cancer, where every team that has raised money for cancer research is allotted an hour to climb as many sets of stairs that they can in that time frame. Every person has a counter they have attached to their shoe to count each stair they climb. I had a blast when I did this last year, as it was great to be challenged for such a great cause! This year I knew doing something like that in my "condition" would have been a bad idea, so I opted to skip out. I did get the urge to try and see how I do at my own pace though! So I headed out to the Kenilworth stairs to see how many sets that I could do before I gave up became uncomfortable. This lady at 27 weeks pregnant, managed to do 3 sets totalling 1161 stairs. Not too shabby! For the days following, I managed to convince Paul to come out with me and do a few sets. He's not a fan of cardio but I'll tell you that even this mama was able to keep up with him and then some!

I had an appointment at the Maternity Centre this week for a regular check in with the OB. Before I was pregnant my doctor discovered that I have a different shaped uterus, which is known as a Bicornuate uterus. This means that I have what they describe as a heart shape uterus where it's separated in the middle by a septum. This sort of condition can create issues with fertility and carrying the baby full term. The doctors who are looking after my pregnancy want me to go for regular ultrasounds to make sure that the baby's growth isn't being affected, and that he'll have room inside to grow (and move positions). A lot of the times when a woman has this condition, the baby will find itself staying in the breech position and a C-section would be needed to deliver. I was happy to find out that right now our little nugget was head down :) It's still fairly early and he has lots of time to move and be comfortable in there. They scheduled another ultrasound for over a week from now to see how things are going on the inside. Let's hope everything keeps going fairly smoothly!

At our second prenatal class, our instructor went through the different stages of labour. Early labour, active labour, Transition and Pushing. We got to watch a video of 2 couple's experience of the birth of their baby and what they went through, I can honestly say it still didn't worry me. I guess the excitement is still in full swing for me right now. That and for the simple fact that the baby has to come out no matter what! She asked if we had birth plans considered yet. Due to the fact that I'm not sure what could really happen, I don't want to get myself set on one expectation. Let's not kid around here.... I'd love to be able to deliver (with drugs) the way my body should, but you never now what that baby's plan is. I just want a healthy baby to come out in the end. I did have to laugh at the poster our instructor referred to for the stages of labour. I took a photo of it because it reminded me so much of the poster in the movie "What to Expect" Hahahahaha!!

I just love the faces of the lady on the right hand side!
(Sorry about the glare at the top.)

My sissy Kelsey also sent out the baby shower invites that she hand made! We loved the "About to POP" baby shower theme, so Kelsey came up with this image for the invites.

So cute!!

My stats for the week.....

Kelsey was visiting when we were planning to do our weekly photos so Paul got to get in on this one!
Look at that proud dad to be!

How far along are you: 27 weeks!
Total weight loss/gain: Dun dun dun..... I got weighed in at a whopping 168 pounds this week! I've officially gained 30 pounds. Whoa!
Maternity Clothes: Screw you maternity clothes! Spring is (somewhat) here and I'm wearing the flowing outfits that my body used to swim in last year, that I'm comfortably wearing now.
Sleep: I've managed to nap for a full hour on one of my 2 breaks at work. 12 hour shifts are not what they used to be!
Best Moment of the week: As I was trying to settle down in bed before my first day shift this week, I had my hand on my stomach while propped up by my 4 pillows. My little nugget was wriggling around and moving so much that I swear I could feel full body movements! I made me freak out and laugh so much. I couldn't believe what I was feeling. It's officially the coolest thing I've ever felt my body do.
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular this week. I've actually battled with myself and instead of heading out to pick up something that we don't have, I've settled for food we actually have. I amazed myself! LOL
Wedding rings on/off: on
Belly Button: it's flat during the day and almost sticking out in the evening.
Symptoms: I'm slowly starting to get more exhausted as the days go by. My second trimester is almost a thing of the past and this third trimester business is like the first but worse, I hear. I need moments in my day to relax with my feet up to make sure that I don't experience any back pains or swelling. So far so good.
Moods: Depends on the day.... usually just tired.
Sweet gestures: this is a new one I'd like to add to my stats. As the weeks have progressed I've found other experienced moms reaching out to me with their support and surprising me sweet gestures. This week was Mother's Day. Over the last decade or so it definitely hasn't been my favourite holiday, in fact I think I could skip that day by sleeping and it wouldn't have been missed. But now that I have an extended family it's taken on a better meaning. This year we went to my sister in laws to see Paul's side of the family. I was greeted with flowers as I'm going to be apart of this mommys club and they wanted to celebrate my (sort of) first Mother's Day. Cute! My sister in law Basia has a little boy who's going to be over a year and a half older than our nugget. Since her son is growing like a weed, she's given us a lot of his baby clothes. We are so grateful!!! Thank you sooooo much! 

When I went to work this week, I got a surprise in my locker from one of my gal pals who is on maternity leave. She must have come into work and left me this little gesture while I was off. I found a sweet note and some gifts she said that were meant to spoil me before the baby comes! Nothing like having some cool chicks in your life that give your heart a squeeze when you aren't expecting it. Thanks Gayn, I love your guts mama. 

Friday, 9 May 2014

Week 26

I feel really pregnant. The weeks leading up to this one must have been leading me on preparing me for what's ahead. I'm at that size now where I feel like a pregnant lady. My darling sister Kelsey said to me this week that I waddle like a pregnant lady. I was a bit stunned when she said it, and I consciously tried to correct my posture after that. But I know.... that it's all going down hill from here. I might waddle a bit now, but full time waddling is definitely in my future.

Last weekend Kelsey and I went down to Ottawa Street for their "Sew Hungry" food truck event. I've heard a lot about these food truck rally's that are put on but I've never fully experienced them. It was a good thing that I was off that day! While Kelsey was busy working throughout the day, I had been Googling which food trucks will be down there to pass the time. I figured I should do my research so I don't look like a food truck amateur once we arrived. I made note of a few places that I NEEDED to try; Jonny Blonde, The Dirty South and Funnel Cake Truck. I told Kelsey my plan and she was game. We headed down there with water bottles in hand (pregnant lady MUST have at all times) and made our way into the crowd. We started from the south end of Ottawa St and worked our way up, stopping along the trucks to read their menus. Nothing really stood out to us, so we kept walking. I really wanted to try Jonny Blonde's truck as I had seen dishes from people's Instagram accounts (yes, isn't that where you just to snoop on other people's dinner choices, to make note of your next meal? Ok. Maybe it's just me who does it) So we kept on pounding the pavement until we got to their truck. They only had 3 dishes they were serving for this event, and none of them appealed to Kelsey or me or my baby nugget buddy. Off we went on search of the perfect dish to dive into. We started seeing the end of the street, which meant we only had one side of the street left to explore. That was until....... we spotted Hank Daddy's BBQ truck!!

Good grief, my hormones went into over drive. I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw their poster of the pulled pork parfait on the side of their truck. I nearly kissed the poster while standing at it. Kelsey agreed that this is what we must get. Thank goodness she agreed because there was no way that I was going to move until I left with one of those parfaits. The line was fairly long but we waited and had some good people watching time. (Hamilton is the greatest for people watching. Especially being so close to Centre Mall) Then it was our turn! And let me tell you, nothing in that container was wasted. The layers of pulled pork and mashed potatoes with beans as toppings, was probably the best pregnant lady meal that I have experienced in all my 26 weeks.

Yes I`m about to kiss that parfait. Quit Judging

On Sunday Paul and a couple of our friends went to the Niagara Food and Wine fest. It`s been an event that Paul and I have been attending every year since we`ve been together. Unfortunately for us, we were working this year when Hamilton held theirs. Luckily Niagara held there`s a month later and we were off! This year it wasn`t as much drinking fun for me as it has been in years prior. Actually, it wasn`t ANY drinking fun! I never realized how many booths they set up to test alcohol until I couldn`t have any. I did load myself up with crepes and ice cream so I didn`t feel that left out. Until I had to drive my buzzed counterparts back home. Haha... 14 weeks and counting. Just sayin`.

I also finished my baby`s first hoodie. I figured that because I have been crocheting a ton of blankets and hats, that I should try to challenge myself to another project. I found a wonderful and easy pattern for a baby hooded cardigan (found here) and went to work. I finished it in just over 2 weeks. The part I took the longest with was going out to get buttons. Once I picked those bad boys out, it was completed! Now it`s back to blankets... hahaha.

I`ve always loved do it yourself projects. I`m not sure if it`s the frugal gal in me, or if it`s just that part of me that wants to try to see if I can do it too, but I always want to give it a shot. I saw a few pictures on Facebook of my sister Kelsey`s friend who made her nephew`s baby crib bedding. It was adorable! After looking at those pictures, I came to realize that maybe I could do it too! I`ve already taken the basic sewing machine class, I know how to sew, so let`s see if I can follow a pattern on my own. Only thing holding me back was that I don`t own a sewing machine. I went to Facebook to see if anyone had one they didn`t want. Can you believe that I actually found one that way! Thanks Kathy!! So now that I officially own one, its time to go scouting for some fabric to start my newest project. Wish me luck!

We had our first prenatal class this week. Only 4 preggos in the class accompanied by a partner. This first class was just an over view of what to expect over the next 8 weeks. Our topics were;
- pregnancy symptoms and how to relieve them
- changes our bodies are going through
- how to set up the baby's crib 
- how big our babies are at their respective weeks and how they will grow in the womb
During the conversation about how big our babies are, our teacher had us cut a piece of yarn to take a guess on how long our babies each were from head to bum. When the teach came around I used my fingers to measure the amount I was going to cut. Paul thought I was being silly but I really wanted to make sure I knew how big this baby is in there! Our teach came around with large posters of the babies actual sizes where we could hold our yarn up to measure if we were right. Can you believe I was EXACT? Ya that's right. This mama knows her baby well :) Take that Paul. 

Here are my stats for the week.....

How far along are you: 26 glorious weeks
Total weight loss or gain: I`ve had too many hot dogs this week to care. I`m sure it`s high. Next question please.
Maternity Clothes: The warm weather is approaching and that means NO PANTS!!! Skirts and maxi dresses are officially in season!
Sleep: My loving husband has purchased me a step stool to get up into bed. It has been my saviour! This pregnant ass can`t jump into bed like she used to. If it wasn`t for that stool this week, I think I would be waking Paul up every time I had to get into bed with my complaining about how high the bed is.
Best Moment this week: Finishing my baby hoodie project. It`s getting pretty real that OUR baby is going to actually wear that!
Food Cravings: Stupid hot dogs. Ok they aren`t stupid. I love them. I`ve always loved them. I just can`t be around more than one at a time or I will eat them. If I`m not around them and I think about them, I will subconsciously convince those around me that they crave them too.
Wedding rings on or off: I am gaining weight. Just not in my fingers yet.
Belly Button: It`s on the brink of coming out. It`s so friggin weird.
Symptoms: I`ve been trying to avoid this nasty sore throat cold that`s been going around work for the last couple weeks. I thought I was in the clear until Paul brought it into our house recently. (see last week`s post. This house was a no kissing zone) I caught it. It`s like swallowing razorblades. Fun stuff. So as much as it`s not a pregnancy SYMPTOM, I`d like to say that NOT being able to take my regular cold and flu drugs sucks when you get a cold. Taking natural remedies, drinking tea with honey doesn`t really bite this sickness in the ass does it.
Moods: I`m sick so I`m not the happiest camper. Feed me a hot dog and I just may be your best friend.

Here`s the newest addition to my side of the bed. (Note :the 4 pillows I now use)

Look closely. It`s popping. 

I didn`t want to write too much about this but here`s a picture of the line that a coworker and I stood in for 55 minutes while on our lunch hour trying to get into the SnuggleBugz warehouse sale in Burlington. They were having up to 70% off on discontinued and imperfect items in stock. They were only letting in 3-5 people at a time, and by the time our lunch hour was over we still had 14 people to go infront of us. Bummer? I'd say so. #babyrama

I`ll leave you with this :)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Week 25

My 25th week started off with a lovely baby shower welcoming one of my long time friend and her first baby, Illiana. It was a great afternoon making silly faces at the baby, holding her and catching up with the other gals. It's crazy to think that she's officially a month old now!

Paul and I got to finish our registry at Babies R Us. It was funny going through all the items that are must haves on our list and the opinion that we each had on what we wanted. Super cute when you see the man you love start holding baby items and picturing our little nugget in his arms. It's surreal that it's finally happening for us! I did find that prices of some of these things could be compared to stores like Walmart or Target and it would probably be $20 cheaper! I guess it's because Babies R Us doesn't have too many stores to compete with for baby registries.

My darling sister Kelsey and bestie Cathie have teamed up and are planning my baby shower together. I gave them 7 weekends of dates that could work, and between the 3 of us only ONE day works! #shiftworkerlife Glad at least one does LOL! I've tried several times to help but they keep telling me to "knock it off". When I ask one of them if they need something she'll say no. Then I'll get a text momentarily from the other, backing the other one up telling me to stop butting in. Haha.... ok so I guess I can't help! I'm so excited to see what they have up their sleeves!!

I also went to my OB appointment this week and found out that the results from my glucose test was clear. No Gestational Diabetes! Woooo hoooo.... I celebrated that night......with ice cream of course.

Here are my stats for the week....

How far along are you: 25 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I went to the Maternity Centre today and I weigh 1 pound less than I did last week. I guess my body is getting back to normal eating after my Mexican Fiesta! I hope I can just coast and maintain through this month :)
Maternity Clothes: Because Spring hasn't really shown up lately, I'm still wearing jackets. I've officially hung up my winter coats and they are NOT coming back out until winter! But that means with my spring jackets (denim etc) I can't do them up! LOL
Sleep: I've started stacking up my pillows so I'm now sleeping on an incline with a pillow between my knees and my belly propped up. It's a good thing we sleep on a king or we'd be a tad uncomfy!
Best Moment of the Week: Hearing my little baby's heart beat. I know I hear it during every appointment I have, but for some reason this week his heart beat took my breath away. I got a little glossy eyed thinking about that boy I'm growing and how he's getting bigger and stronger for the day that we finally get to meet. There's only 15 more weeks and I absolutely can't wait! Also feeling my little guy nuzzle into my right side, where the OB has told me he is bum up to my rib cage. Lol cutie. 
Food Cravings: My body has been craving vegetables. Mostly in a salad. I think that it's telling me that I'm not getting enough. So I've (almost) been having a salad a day. My newest fav is kale, sliced brussel spouts, broccoli, cabbage, dried cranberries and goat cheese. Mmmmmm
Wedding rings on/off: on
Belly Button: Still in!
Symptoms: This isn't so much of a symptom but I'm not sure where I'd put this little bit of info. I've been finding that my belly is officially getting in my way. I can't jump up from a laying position as quickly as I used to, I can't bend down unless I squat or make room for the belly to move with me, and I definitely can't put my legs up on the counter to put on lotion after my shower as easy as I used to. It's like tying my running shoes...... it takes coordination! If I ever forget that I can't do something because of the belly, my belly will always remind me now.
Moods: Pretty content. Paul's been sick this week with a stuffy head cold and sore throat so I've been (somewhat) staying away from him. No kisses or cuddles so that means no "bundle of hormones" this week.