Friday, 20 June 2014

Week 32

I started this post earlier on in the week and realized that I should just wait until the end of the week because I'll have nothing to record on what happened during my 32nd week of being pregnant. Duh. I'll blame the pregnancy brain.

This week started out by celebrating my dad on Father's Day! Since Paul and I will be moving next week, we didn't suggest everyone to come over to our house for the festivities because our house is starting to look like a warehouse with all the boxes stacked up everywhere. Instead we spent the day at my dad's house and had dinner there. For his father's day gift I had a family photo from my wedding and had it enlarged and framed to hang in his living room. How could I pass up that opportunity to get that done? I told him to be prepared for next year as most of his gifts will have baby hand prints on them. Awww.

After our dinner, my dad wanted to celebrate the fact that Paul will be a dad soon, so my dad passed out cigars to the boys (Kelsey opted out) to go along with their beers. Before they lit them I had to get them in on a Father's day progress shot. After all, I have to celebrate the (soon to be) dads in my life!

Paul and I attended our weekly prenatal class. This was the second part to the series of breast feeding classes. At the beginning of the class, the instructor asked the dad's to pick up the dolls she passed out and to have them replicate the types of breastfeeding holds that we went over last week. I loved this part! Of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get a photo of Paul pretending to breast feed the dolly, but I will spare him embarrassment of showing it. He did great with remembering the holds and the different positions when burping babies. Here's one of him burping our "baby".

I also had 4 appointments for my little babe. The first one was on Tuesday at St Joe's for an ultrasound to check on the size he's growing in my uterus and which position he's laying. Paul was back to work at this point so I got to bring my bestie Cathie with me! At this appointment the technician asked me if anyone had ever mentioned the size of the baby's head. Up until now they always said that he measured normally. So apparently his head is getting a bit bigger. Gah. He's obviously taking after his dad. Thanks Paul. Hahaha. Let's hope he doesn't come out looking like a bobble head. Heck! Let's hope that I can get him out with that bobble head! But the greatest news out of that appointment was that Baby Koz is finally head down!!! All my baby flipping techniques have worked! Now I just need to make sure he stays there. No flipping back, baby!

Now that he's getting so large and squished in there it's almost impossible to get a full photo of the baby's body. So here's a shot the technician was able to quickly get before be wiggled around again of his cute little profile. 

The next day I had an appointment with my family Doctor and then one with the maternity centre. I know what you're thinking.... why on the same day? It's just the way it worked out and I didn't care to change it. So my doctor was happy with the weight I was gaining (never would I ever think to hear someone say that!) and then I heard the same thing from the doctor at the maternity centre. She even said she thought that I was under weight- pre pregnancy. LOL. As long as they don't have a problem with it, I'm doing fine!

Finally my week of appointments concluded with my long awaited referral to the OB at St Joes because of my bicornate uterus. This appointment was fairly quick as they didn't find a need for me to be under the care of this OB. They reviewed my results from the ultrasound and said that because baby was turning they didn't see a problem with me delivering normally. It's known that babies in a bicornate uterus, they get stuck into a certain position and usually it's not head down where they will usually have to be taken out via C Section. This made me so happy! Baby is head down so all is good! We did go over the chances that I may go into early labour because of this condition, but to just look out for warning signs and come right to get checked. Fingers cross that all turns out well :)

And here are my stats for the week........... (no their cigars aren't lit yet)

How far along are you: 32 weeks! That means I officially have 2 months left! Wooooo!
Total weight loss/gain: At all 3 of my doctor appointments this week I was weighed. All of the results were the same and I've gained 35 pounds so far. Holy crap. Where's my moomoo?
Maternity Clothes: Eff pants. I don't want to even bother wearing them any more.
Sleep: I'm still elevated on my plethora of pillows. This helped A LOT when I was going through a wicked night of allergy attacks. My nose was the most abused victim in that circumstance. The only thing I could do at that point was use the Neti Pot. Brutal.
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing my little baby on the big screen, hearing his heart beat 3 times and knowing that he's head down!!!!! Yay!
Food Cravings: Anything. Put food in front of me and watch it magically disappear!
Wedding rings on/off: On
Symptoms: I'm a stove. I'm warm all the time and I would prefer to sleep with my house temperature set like what you would set your fridge at.
Moods: For some reason I was feeling very worried this week. Worried over anything. Maybe it's a combination of all these appointments and packing up my house to move. I'm not feeling very settled. I'd like to relax now. And have a beer. 2 months to go!

Here's some pics that we were able to get of Father's day!
Rob didn't exclude the pregnant lady in his cocktail making. Here he is making a mocktail for moi!

 My dad had marinated some jerk chicken over night. It was amazing!

 There was so many out takes of this progress shot since it was my dad's first one. He kept leaning on me (he's heavy!!) and doing the thumbs up (why?) and I couldn't hold it together any more!!

The 3 main men in my life