Thursday, 22 May 2014

Week 28

This week I invited all the girls and their hubby`s over for a goodbye BBQ for Tarah, Paolo and Illiana before they were to leave to head back to LA. I can`t believe that our newest little girlfriend will be leaving us as practically a newborn and returning as a 5 month old baby!
Since the Victoria Day weekend has always provided us with craptacular weather, Monday proved to be no different. The BBQ was rained out and we spent most of the evening in the house. Rain couldn`t wash our moods away, as we were also given some amazing news at this BBQ!! But that`s where I can`t give any more away..... Sorry! Soon I will!

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, I loved thinking about what Halloween costumes me and the family could dress up as for our first Halloween together. I`ve been following a lot of makeup artists on Instagram and I came across some Disney inspired makeups. I started to get inspired and thought about some colourful playful costumes that would suit my growing family. At the beginning of the year I heard that Mirvish was putting on The Lion King play and it was making it's way back to Toronto. Ah ha! That's when it hit me! What if we were to go as characters from the Lion King? Well I've been on a bit of a Lion King kick ever since I came up with that idea, and what a better way to commemorate the decision by seeing the play at the Princess of Whales Theatre! My wonderful husband was able to get us tickets to a performance this past Wednesday night. (he only had to be reminded twice to get the tickets. LOL) It was so good! I was so inspired once we left that I kept saying to Paul that I can't wait until my nugget gets here, because that also means it`ll be closer to Halloween to plan out our costumes!

I am also a certified Pinterest junkie. I love to pin images and save them for later, in hopes that I`ll get around to making or doing the image I`ve saved. I`m a woman of my handmade word! I applied Pinterest to my bridal shower, the baby`s gender reveal, the pregnancy bump photo progress, refinishing my bedroom furniture, Halloween and lots and lots of crafts. Over the past few years, I've made blankets for other expectant moms and their new babes. When I didn't know any babies who were about to be born, I crocheted newborn baby hats and donated over 50 hats to St Joes hospital. So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to now be making my own baby some handmade crochet love:). I have been searching for cute crocheting patterns on Pinterest and came across this cute pattern on the site that I thought would be adorable as my little one`s first blanket made by his mama. The pattern for the blanket can be found here

Here's a photo of the original blanket and how mine turned out. 

But now that I`ve completed so many crochet projects for him, I've started to look around at what else this mama can get her hands on! So I decided it's time to get started on the other things that I`ve pinned! Not to mention there are going to be A LOT of babies being born in the next little while so I've been pinning baby stuff like crazy! My next project that I wanted to make was Baby Koz`s growth ruler. I`ve seen a few of my friends make them and figured why not give it a try! It was super simple! The tutorial for this project can be found here.

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest to see if my pins interest you, (pardon the pun!) add me by clicking here 

Here is my stats for the week..... (Side note: my girlfriends told me how big I was looking in my progress pictures and how I didn't look that big in real life. Hahaha, maybe it was the way I was standing? So here I am standing straighter! Did it help?) 

How far along are you: 28 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: now here's where I'm getting confused. I get weighed by a digital scale at the maternity centre where I was weighing at 168. This week at my family doctor I was weighed on a manual scale and I was 166. Digital scales suck. I have one at home and as much as I'd like to believe it's accurate, I know those manual ones are better. So I'm up 28 pounds this week. Lol 28 pounds in 28 weeks! 
Maternity clothes: I managed to score a cute maxi dress this week from one of those cheapy urban planet stores. I must have done well because I've gotten a bunch of compliments from the gals I work with today! Hey, I'm pregnant so any compliment helps me get through my days. Hahaha
Sleep: same as last week. Broken sleep and bathroom breaks galore. 
Best moment of the week: while I was holding baby Illiana at the BBQ and rocking her to sleep, my own baby was kicking. 2 babies in my (sort of) lap was just mind blowing. It made my heart flutter. Knowing Illiana's mom Tarah for years and now seeing our babies, is something I cannot even put into words. I love these kids more than anything. So you can understand how much my heart melted to have these 2 babies so close together, and they didn't even know it! 
Food cravings: popcorn!!
Wedding rings on/off: on
Belly Button in/out: almost non existent! 
Symptoms: this week marks the first time I've noticed getting those weirdo Braxton Hicks contractions. They are so strange. As long as they don't cause me too much pain, I'll be ok with them. 
Moods: meh
Sweet Gestures: my gal pal Tarah has been so sweet throughout my pregnancy. She's given me loads of information and suggestions to do for pregnancy and after delivery. It was to my surprise when she gave me loads of little boy stuff to help with my little guy! I'm one lucky girl to have such amazing friends.