Friday, 18 April 2014

Weeks 22 and 23

I have to apologize for the double week entry. Paul and I got to get away last week for our baby moon, so while we were enjoying the sun, pools and food, I let week 22 slip by. Not without a picture though!

We flew down to Cancun Mexico and stayed in the Riveria Maya at the Gran Bahia Principe Sian Ka'an resort. The week was just what we needed. Being on different shifts for the last year, we haven't had too many days off together. Especially during the last 2 months. Every time we had days off together, there was always something that was scheduled to do. Planning this vacation meant that we only had each other and a week of relaxing ahead of us! I would definitely recommend any couple who are about to be parents for the first time, take a night (or a week if can!) to spend some time away from your regular routine and make some memories before your little one arrives.

This was a different sort of down south trip than I'm used to. I'm usually counting down the moments where I can have booze free flowing, while flowing around being buzzed in the water and getting ready to attack the all you can eat buffets. I'm not going to lie. I was a little sore about not being able to have the traditional beer on the shuttle bus that was heading to my resort. I was also a little tender about not having the "welcome margarita", that the welcome staff gave out as we stepped off the shuttle bus. Grrrrr. Once we got to the pool and Paul ordered his Pina Colada WITH rum, I settled for a Pina Colada WITHOUT any booze. But to tell you the truth, it was only hard the first day. I usually over indulge by the second day, so the next day and the days following were so much easier.

We spent the week laying around relaxing (from what I hear this will be our last time doing this before our little nugget arrives....SIDE NOTE: I must have heard this line 100 times from people who heard we were going away while I was pregnant. Every time I heard this I would smile and nod, but please understand that I was biting my tongue because I really wanted to say "No shit Sherlock, that's why we're going") Paul got to catch up on his soon to be daddy books by drinking his rum filled bubba thermos by the pool. I loved that he was getting on board with all the books that I was reading. There's something super cute about a new dad excited to learn about the stages of the baby's growth in the uterus, what to expect during the first 6 weeks after birth for baby and mom, and what to plan for baby's arrival. Then he got on my case about my Mexican indulgences. He was getting concerned that I was eating basically everything in sight and he wanted me to reel it in a little bit to make better choices on what I'm feeding the baby. "But I'm on vacation!" was always my response. That WAS my response until the Mexican flu hit me (to much information warning!!!!) aka the runs happened. Ugh. So I scaled back my choices and stuck to the protein, whole wheat, fruit and veggies for the rest of my trip. I know it's better for me to eat, but I wanted to pig out while I was there! My body said no more pigging out, little piggy. Crap.

While we were there we also firmed up our offer on our new house and the conditional offer that was put in on our house. Which means we had our house officially sold within 7 days!! Hip Hip Hooray! The Koscinski family will be moving to our new home at the end of June!! We're so excited to get into our family home to raise our crazy little family.

Here's my Week 22 picture that I remembered to do while we were away.

Here's my Week 23 stats.....

How far along are you: 23 weeks and loving every minute of this pregnancy!
Total weight gain/loss: I'd like to tell you how much I've GAINED during my feeding frenzy on my vacation but that would be unfair to you since I'm not 100% certain on the poundage. Sooooo I'll wait until my doctor's appointment next week just to be sure. Hahahaha
Maternity clothes: MAXI DRESSES ALL DAY LONG. Why can't the warm weather hurry up here in Ontario? While on vacation, my pregnant belly has never felt so free! I got to wear bikinis all day and maxi/sun dresses in the evenings. They are absolutely glorious for the every growing belly. It's a tad depressing coming back home and wearing pants and jeans. You better believe that this girl is dying for the chance to wear some dresses in the near future!
Sleep: Since my belly is a REAL ROUND belly, sleeping requires me to position myself for dream land. I'm a left side sleeper now (I thought I'd never see the night, seeing that I'm a former stomach sleeper) and I now have to sleep with an extra pillow (king size) to rest my belly on and to keep between my knees to help with my back.
Best moment of the week: My belly has really POPPED! It's large and in charge. No mistaking this belly for extra cake anymore! I love it soooooo much! The babe probably loves it as well because he's flipping around and moving like a Mexican jumping bean! Belly life at this stage is amazing. I love him in there:)
Food Cravings: Ice Cream. Paul cut me off of eating ice cream while we were in Mexico because he started to see that I was pulling a repeat of Italy 2012. (When we were in Italy I ate gelato 2 times a day. After lunch and after dinner. Mexico was no different!) Unfortunately after reading his daddy books, he was sceptical on where this ice cream was made as there are warnings in the pregnancy books to avoid eating soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt from machines as bacteria harbours in them. Bah! No fun. So being the fab guy he is, he stopped at Fortinos before we arrived home and picked us up a box of vanilla bean with caramel ribbon ice cream to enjoy as soon as we got home. Mmmmmmm
Wedding rings on/off: Even in the heat they stayed on all week!
Symptoms: The sore back business is at a minimum while on vacation, seeing that I'm able to lay any time I need to. Not to mention a husband who's willing to give back rubs when it's sore. On that note... "Paul, my back is sore!" Hahahaha
Moods: I was definitely Mrs Max Relax this week. Calm and loving life!

Here's some of the few photos I managed to capture of our baby moon!

At the Mexican a la carte restaurant, caught with my mouth open while saying TEQUILA! Hey, if I can't drink it, I was definitely going to shout it!

Crazy hair and I don't care! I'm on vacation with my belly out!

 Max Relax in all his glory 

Sitting in the shade like a good freckle face

Baby bumpin

Flexing more than my abs lol!

No photo shoots this year, but I managed to get Paul in on this memory at the fiesta!