Sunday, 27 April 2014

Week 24

After getting back to reality from our Babymoon, I jumped back onto the working train. I actually worked a full block! I haven't done that in a few weeks. Call me lucky, or just a good planner. When I first found out that we were expecting, I was needing to book my vacation weeks for work. I tried to book some vacation weeks close to the end of my pregnancy knowing that I'd probably appreciate more time off when I'm large and in charge.(well I'm not really expecting to be in charge. I'm fully aware that my body has been taken over by this nugget)

This week marked the magical time where my OB said it's time to head to the blood lab and take the gestational diabetes test. I've heard lots of ladies tell me what they thought of this test and the orange drink. I won't be any different.... here's how it went for me!

I figured that I'd head to the lab early because I had to fast for 12 hours before the testing. Obviously it's always busy in the mornings since most of the people that are going for blood work are required to fast. When I checked in, they kindly reminded me that I was going to have to be there for the next 2 hours. Oh yes, I'm aware! Thankfully they kept that in mind and quickly got me into one of their rooms to start the process. I'm sure I got a few dirty looks considering that I had just arrived but they wouldn't be camping out for the morning in the waiting room, so the least they could do was take me before the rest of the crowd. I'm a big suck so I'd rather lay while I'm getting my blood taken. After the first draw I was given a cup of the orange sugary drink. It wasn't as gross as some have made it out to be. It tasted like orange pop without the carbonation. I had to drink that within 5 minutes and then they started my hour wait for my next blood draw. I brought my crocheting (because I'm an old lady, hahaha) and began my wait. Once the hour came around, they told me my cubicle was ready. Ahhhh no! I need a bed! So sucky Nicky reminded them that I would prefer a bed for my blood draw. I had to wait until one of the rooms was ready. After my second draw, I wasn't feeling so hot. Maybe laying down wasn't such a bad idea after all! I initially got up and went into the waiting room, but after starting to feel the beginning stages of faint, I made my way back into that room and laid down. Sat up and laid down for the next 10 minutes. I wanted so badly just to get the hell out of there but I still had an hour to go! Once I got back to normal, I went back out into the waiting room and waited the last hour for the draw. When they called me for the last draw, I almost jumped for joy and once that was over I got the heck out of there! Now let's hope the test comes back ok.

Here goes nothing... Cheers!

I also started working on my baby registry! Paul's best friends wives are on the baby train with me as well. Tanujaa has just had her beautiful second daughter in December and Carrie who is 5 weeks head of me is pregnant with her first baby. So the girls and I headed out for a trip to good old Babies R Us. Seeing that Tanujaa is a mommy extraordinaire, she was the leader of our shopping trip. She gave us the ins and outs of what's important to have for a baby, and what items she swears by. It was extremely helpful as I've been nervous to start the registry, not knowing what's needed for a baby because with all the marketing nowadays, it appears that a first time mom requires everything!! 

Once we got to the diaper aisle I found myself questioning what our diapering destiny would be. Cloth or disposables? What brand of disposables should we put on our babe? If we go with cloth, what system/brand do we use? We're lucky to have all these options, but along with options comes research. I have started looking into it but I would love to hear from those other mommies out there who have any experience with their babies on what they loved and why they loved it.

Here's my stats for the week....

This shirt is from the non pregnant Nicky collection. 
I think that it's time I stop wearing these small tees as it was definitely tight!

How far along are you: 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I'd love to say that I gained the standard 4 pounds this month, but this mumma was a little piggy in Mexico. My doctor had advised me that I gained 11 pounds this month! Ahhhh are you kidding? So that means I'm up 25 pounds so far in this pregnancy. (wipe sweat off brow) Crazy!
Maternity Clothes: Why is it that maternity clothes don't grow with you when you start getting larger? Hahaha.... there's one pair of maternity pants that I bought that I do not feel comfortable in any more in the legs because of my recent weight gain. Oh boy. Summer.... where are you? I need maxi dresses!
Sleep: On a good day, I need a pole to high jump into my bed as the mattress is as high as my waist. Now that I have a belly (and this wonderful newly gained 25 pounds) I feel like I need to be catapulted into my bed. I won't be surprised if I just end up dragging a step stool to my side of the bed just to help me into it. 
Best Moment of the Week: Paul has been getting in on the belly rubbing action. Every night before bed I like to have another session of greasing up the butterball. I know this won't stop the stretch marks that I'm destined to have (thanks mom) but you better believe that I'm going to lotion the heck out of that belly! I've asked Paul if he wanted to give my belly a little oil massage. It's a pretty sweet moment that I'm going to remember for a long time as our first family moments. 
Food Cravings: Put any food or mention anything in front of me and I'll most likely want it. 
Wedding rings on/off: On
Belly Button in/out: It's on the brink of popping. I'm not sure if it ever will but it's definitely being stretched to it's limits. Feeling the inside of my belly button is so weird. I'm not a fan. 
Symptoms: The back pain that I was experiencing at work has slowed itself down which makes working a whole lot easier. 
Moods: I've always been very affectionate with Paul but lately it's been a whole new level of affection. He likes to call me his little bundle of hormones. I can't help it. When we're together, I just find myself hugging him, kissing him ALL THE TIME. I'm sure he's getting annoyed that it's steady all the time, but I keep saying it's better than being on the opposite end of this mood!

To give you an example of my food cravings, I thought that I'd show you what I mean. Paul sent this picture in a group text that Kelsey, Paul and I always chat in. He sent this early one morning saying "Nicky this reminds me of you in the mornings"

Well that was unfair! He PUT that idea right infront of me! Once I woke up, you bet I had a craving for pancakes! Luckily for me we had some batter and syrup left. So I had to use it all up!

A moment from our greasing up the butterball night time routine