Thursday, 27 February 2014

16 Weeks!!

This last week has been great. I've been able to get together with a lot of my girlfriends to catch up. Fortunately/unfortunately it's been over dinner! Not to shabby for a pregnant lady to be dining with her gal pals but I think it's catching up to me. Eeeeek.

Here's my stats for the week.... (Please mind my hair, there's usually a small window of opportunity where Paul and I are both off so I had to jump at the chance for him to snap this one of me)

How far along are you: 16 weeks! 
Total weight gain/loss: I've gained another 2 pounds this month. Up 12lbs altogether. It must be all the food nights I've been having! 
Maternity clothes: I seriously need to make a trip to the states. You can't order any maternity clothes from the states online! Grrrrr
Stretch marks: big FAT no. 
Sleep: in my pregnancy books I've read that we're prone to having vivid dreams due to our hormone levels as they will relate to the condition of our pregnancy, the trimester we're in and what's going on with our bodies at the time. Today was no different! All my dreams have been wacky and then today I had my first pregnancy dream. My baby was leaving imprints of their feet, hands and face through my stomach. Them before I knew it, my baby was out but the size it would be right now AND still attached to the umblicial cord. Right before my eyes it was growing into a 9 month full term baby. I knew it wouldn't survive out of the womb so I asked Paul and Kelsey to call 911. For whatever reason they wouldn't do it so I took matters into my own hands. But for the life of me I couldn't press the buttons right. I pressed 711 and 912 but not the right combo of 911. Thank goodness I woke up before I had to really require 911. Ugh. How crazy!!
I almost get exhausted dreaming!!
Best moments of the week: I felt my little nugget this week:) It was just 2 little nudges on my first day shift. I patiently waited to feel them again that day with no luck. Then again just once yesterday. My doctor said it's going to happen every 3-4 days and before I know it in the next couple weeks it will be a few times a day!  I also brought Paul to my doctor's appointment today. We both got to heart out baby's heart beat at a strong 159 beats per minute. It's the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. We're so smitten! 
Food cravings: this week it could have been anything anyone mentioned. I've had many conversations at work with my coworkers about burgers and pulled pork parfaits. Ugh I need me some pulled pork parfait! 
Have you started showing yet: heck yes! I'm finally bumpin!! 
Symptoms: I've been feeling pretty great so I'd like to stick with that for now. Just great :)
Moods: mainly so G.D happy! I love my life!!