Monday, 23 September 2013

Falling off the wagon

With celebrations, comes along drinks (alcoholic and non), chicken or steak dinners and my favourite... Cake! Needless to say that when Paul and I got married and the weeks leading up to it, we celebrated every chance we got. And we had many opportunities to! 

It's been 2 weeks since I've stepped foot in a gym, it's been longer than that since I've ate "clean" food and my body is paying for it. I kept telling myself "tomorrow you can kick your butt in the gym. So tonight enjoy this rum and coke and pulled pork sandwich and the dessert you keep eyeing". Haha.... Well it doesn't take much to convince me to spoil myself with food, and I gave myself that line probably everyday day for the last 2 weeks LEADING up to my wedding! Now that I've been married for over a week.... What's the hold up girl? I'll tell you what..... It's just so frickin hard to get back into that routine. Damn straight. 

Waking up early, get in my workout, drink my protein shake, prep my meals for the next 2-3 days and continue to be conscious of what foods I'm putting in my mouth if I go out with friends. It's practically a full time job having this lifestyle. But my body is finally telling me it's had enough "celebrating" and it's time to get back to normal. 

Today I start my "Operation Lean Halloween/Honeymoon" journey. It began by getting up earlier than I would on a regular day off and heading to my boot camp class at Total FX. It absolutely sucked getting up and convincing myself I HAVE to do this. But I went and survived so what was I whining about? Oh ya... Because I was being lazy!  

To hold myself accountable I've taken some photos of myself and what I look like today. I'm not proud at all of what I look like but everyone starts somewhere right? 

Oh and I haven't weighed myself either so who knows what poundage I'm at. I personally don't care. It's all about how I feel. So let's feel good shall we??